By: Dr. Annunciato Angelini

Vertigo – Part 2
July 1, 2018

In the last blog I mentioned Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which is the most common type of vertigo.  I find…

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Vertigo- Part 1
May 6, 2018

Vertigo is a common complaint in clinical practice.  There are different reasons why one would experience vertigo, such as Meniere’s disease,…

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Sciatica in the front of my thigh!
April 12, 2018

I often get patients complaining of sciatica…but in the front part of their thigh? This is a condition known as MERALGIA…

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)
March 23, 2018

People with TOS often are under the misconception of having herniated a disc or carpal tunnel syndrome.  Although many symptoms are…

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Herniated disc and Sciatica
February 19, 2018

So you have pain down your leg? Pain traveling down the back of the thigh and into the lower leg is…

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What is Whiplash – Part 2
January 28, 2018

On the last blog, I talked about causes of whiplash, the mechanism and common injuries and symptoms.   This time I want …

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What is whiplash – Part 1
January 10, 2018

Whiplash happens when the neck and head are suddenly forced backward and then forward, putting the cervical spine through rapid motions…

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A Chiropractic Christmas
December 25, 2017

T’was the day before Christmas, but there was no cheer. No jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer. The word had…

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Cervical Disc Herniation
December 18, 2017

Have you been suffering from neck pain traveling down your arm and into your hand, accompanied by numbness and/or tingling? You may have a herniated disc.

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What is Active Release Techniques (ART)?
December 7, 2017

Do you have a muscle injury that just hurts? Or maybe you can’t move your arm or leg in the way that you used to be able to do? This could be a sign of a muscle injury that could be helped by Active Release Techniques (ART).

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