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Active Chiropractic is a full service, family-oriented, comprehensive chiropractic practice for people of all ages. We have proudly served Windsor and Essex County for 10+ years.

We provide care for back, neck, and spinal problems, headaches, extremity disorders (joint, nerve, or muscle related), manage sports injuries, offer performance enhancement and improve your overall well-being.

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Active Release Technique (ART)

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Meet The Active Chiropractic Team

Tammie Holubeshen
Office Administrator

Tammie is the first person you’ll meet upon arriving at Active Chiropractic. She’ll give you your initial patient forms to complete and explain the office policies and procedures. Her smile is welcoming and she’ll make you feel right at home. Be ready to have a few laughs – Tammie will make sure you’ll fit right into our Active Chiropractic family. Tammie has been a member of the team since 2017 and is a pet lover and loving mom.

The Active Chiropractic Team: Dr. Angelini - Chiropractor
Dr. Annunciato Angelini
Chiropractor & Owner

Dr. Angelini was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, where he attended Riverside Secondary School and graduated from the University of Windsor. After four years of training at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois, Dr. Angelini received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Dr. Angelini is now practicing in Windsor, helping the people of his community feel better.

The Active Chiropractic Team: Andy Jubenville - Registered Massage Therapist
Andy Jubenville
Registered Massage Therapist

Andy Jubenville is the Registered Massage Therapist at Active Chiropractic. He specializes in Deep Tissue massage and Bamboo Fusion Therapy. Before joining the Active Chiropractic Team, Andy has worked in several different settings including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and even running his own massage clinic, enabling him to see many different types of clients with diverse issues. Andy graduated from Everest College in 2009.


Success stories directly from people who have been helped by Active Chiropractic

As a 24 year old new bride, after my car accident, I felt like an 80 year old lady. I suffered from neck pain, horrible headaches and could not feel my hands. Dr. Angelini told me these were common symptoms of whiplash. He told me what he could do for me, gave me a timeline and a treatment plan. My symptoms of 4 months started disappearing within the first few treatments and now I feel great.

Amy - Windsor

Ironman training requires a minimum of 12 hours of training per week to adequately prepare for the race. During the months of training prior to race day, your body goes through much abuse. In 2004, I was hoping to better my previous, but 6 months prior to the race I was experiencing severe pain in my lower shins that made it nearly impossible to run. Having read many positive stories of the benefits of Active Release Techniques from fellow triathletes, I decided to seek out an A.R.T. practitioner.

Darcy - Tecumseh

Because I’m a nursing home attendant, I do lots of lifting and bending when moving patients around. I suffered from low back pain and shoulder pain. I have been to chiropractors my whole life, but doctor Angelini did Active Release Techniques on me. This therapy is not used by many chiropractors and needs a special certification. I could not believe how much better I felt and still feel after seeing him. Thank you, Dr. Angelini!

Mark - Essex

I work at one of Windsor’s busy restaurants. I’ve been a client of Dr. Angelini’s for 9 years. When I started seeing Dr. Angelini, I was in severe pain. Now I have to get a reminder call from his office about my appointment because I don’t have the pain to remind me. Many of my coworkers now go to Dr. Angelini – he keeps us in working condition. Thank you, Dr. Angelini, I don’t know what I would do without your help.

Karen - Windsor

I had lower back pain for 30 years. Dr. Angelini’s treatment plan of Active Release Techniques, traction and chiropractic adjustments has left me feeling like a new person. I can stand up and walk pain free. I can do things now that prior to treatment would have left me in pain for days. I sleep better and feel great! If you have not tried ART before or do not have a chiropractor, I would highly recommend Dr. Angelini at Active Chiropractic.

Mary Kay - Windsor

My husband and I began visiting Dr. Angelini after meeting with him at the Windsor Home & Garden Show. Following our initial consultation, we began our regular weekly adjustments and almost immediately started feeling the benefits of his services. Pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome was quickly relieved and I was able to return to full nights of sleep and the elimination of the constant numbness in my hands. Dr. Angelini and his staff are very pleasant and accommodating and we would gladly recommend his services to everyone in need of pain relief.

Tassia - Windsor

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